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ROCK & ROLL is a musical role-playing game about making the band of your dreams with your friends and experiencing all the highs and lows of life on-stage and off. Write music, play gigs, grow your fanbase, and see the world — no musical talent required.

  • Create your band member with attitudes like slickness, realness, and chill, then pick their gear, describe how they go all-out onstage, and dig deep to figure out their background, dreams, and flaws.
  • Roll dice to practice as a band, play performances, resolve conflicts, and even write songs!
  • Forge a band that will echo through the ages or tell a small story of hometown heroes - ROCK & ROLL is made for one-shots and long campaigns, your choice.

ROCK & ROLL comes with a Player’s Handbook for everything you need to get playing, and a Band Manager’s Guide to help you dig into the details or get started fast with pre-made characters and scenarios.

Thanks to the best fans in the crowd, our backers who funded this project in February 2019 for Kickstarter’s Zine Quest.


ROCK & ROLL - Players Handbook.pdf 9 MB
ROCK & ROLL - Character Sheet.pdf 43 kB
ROCK & ROLL - Band Manager's Guide.pdf 4 MB

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